Company Introduction

Name URANO Co., Ltd.
Location Head Office/ Saitama Factory
3563 Shichihongi , Kamisatochou, Kodamagun, Saitama Prefecture, 369-0306 Japan
TEL:+81-495-33-2511  FAX:+81-495-33-2514

Nagasaki Factory
57-27 Hattandago, Higashisonogicho, Higashisonogigun , Nagasaki Prefecture, 859-3922 Japan
TEL:+81-957-49-3600  FAX:+81-957-47-0300

Nagoya Sales Office
97-2Nishitanaka Nagahori , Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture, 452-0933 Japan
TEL&FAX :+81-52-400-3700
Representative Director Masanobu Kobayashi
Establishment November 1963
Capital 80,000,000 yen
Number of Employees(person) 407(Jun.2018)
Business Outline
Fields of manufacturing
production of machining parts for :
 1) Aerospace products
 2) Equipment related to nuclear, energy, generator and engine
 3) A semiconductor manufacturing equipment
 4) Medical equipment
Correspondent Banks Saitama Branch Office Japan Finance Corporation (Small and Medium Enterprise Program)
Honjo Branch, Gunma Bank
Sales department of Saitama , Saitama Resona Bank
Honjo Branch, Musashino Bank.
Honjo Branch, Saitamaken Shinkin Bank
Honjo Branch, Ashikaga Bank
Sonogi Branch, Shinwa Bank

History of Airplane

1988 Construction of factory for manufacturing 5-axis machining center(3rd factory) is completed Installation of the first CatiaV3
1990 Began B757 airframe parts manufacture
1992 Began McDonnell Douglas/Boeing MD-11 airframe parts manufacture
1992 Began B777 airframe parts manufacture
2005 Began mass production for ER-J170 190 airframe parts manufacture
2006 Began mass production for Bombardier Global Express airframe parts manufacture
2007 Began taking a part of B787-8 development project
2008 Began B747-800 airframe parts manufacture

Began taking a part of Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-84 for A350 XWB development project

Began Airbus A380 airframe parts manufacture
2008 Began Rockwellcollins 787cockpit airframe parts manufacture & assembly
2011 Began B787-9 airframe parts manufacture
2012 Taking a package order of multiple processes for MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet)

Began taking a part of engine development project for GE(general electric)TechX.
2014 Began B787-9 airframe parts manufacture & assembly

Began taking a part of development project for Pratt & Whitney PW1100G of A320neo.
2015 Began taking a part of Bombardier G7000 development project



1950 The company is founded under the name Urano inworks in Kamimachi, Honjo City.
1963 Urano inworks Ltd. is established with ¥1,000,000 capital in Ojima-minami, Honjo City.
1972 The organization transforms from a limited company to a company and the trade name is changed to Urano Co.,Ltd.
1979 Moves to current location, Kamisato-machi,Kodama-gun,Saitama.
1987 Construction of FMS Factory(2nd factory )is completed.
1989 Construction of factory for manufacturing 5-axis machining center (3rd factory) is completed.
1993 Construction of 4th factory is completed.
1994 Capital increases to ¥80,000,000.

Machining nuclear-fusion helical coil for LHD project of National Institute for Fusion Science
1995 Machining outer wall of small-scale experimental vehicle HYFLEX to develop space plane HOPE.
1996 Enters B777 airframe parts manufacture.
1997 Parts machining for the Kibo, the Japanese Experiment Module on the International Space Station.
1999 Enters H-IIA Rocket parts manufacture.
2004 Saitama factory receives JIS-Q9100 certification, a quality system standard for the aerospace industry.
2006 Construction of aircraft parts machining factory (1st factory) in Higashi-sonogi-cho, Nagasaki is completed.

Sales office is established in Kiyosu City, Aichi.
2007 Nagasaki factory receives JIS-Q9100 certification, a quality system standard for the aerospace industry.

Starts parts machining for the Boeing 787.
2008 Construction of aircraft parts machining factory (2nd factory) in Higashi-sonogi-cho, Nagasaki is completed.

Urano is selected as one of Japan’s top 300 exciting manufacturers SMEs by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2011 Saitama factory receives ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management).

Urano receives batch order of multi-process machining for MRJ parts.
2012 Starts collaboration with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Aerospace Company as a partner company.

Urano receives Japan’s largest order of large titanium components machining for Boeing 787.
2013 Enters engine business of the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G for the Airbus A320neo.

Urano becomes one of the main suppliers of MRJ parts machining of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
2014 Urano becomes one of the main supplier of SCM (Supply Chain Management) of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. in the area of machining.

Starts collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. as a partner company.

Company Policy

Make better things by nurturing better human resources.The development of a company is impossible without the development of human resources. We believe it is important that each and everyone would overcome the problem of facing themselves (self-reliance) and unites effort with colleagues through friendly rivalry (coexistence) and increase the speed with wisdom to make things possible out of the impossible.The power to change impossible to possible without giving up would become the pleasance towards working and tomorrow’s provisions and pave the way to self and company development. We believe this is the connectivity towards the customer’s satisfaction and social contribution. In present Japan, difficulty in manufacturing escalates and the path we have chosen is not an easy one. Yet we are determined to challenge through a genuine aspect to achieve “the world’s leading Urano Technology = make things better, faster and cheaper than anywhere else”. We are passionate to seek true wisdom to achieve further creation with Urano technology and pave our way step by step towards our goal.

Voice of the Management

Chairman and Executive Director
Yoshinobu Kobayashi

Our goal is to pave the way to development from succeeding along with the customers by achieving four policies.
~Now is the time to show Japan’s manufacturing capability to the entire world~

1. We are committed to ‘manufacture products better and faster’ to achieve a prosperous life.
2. Centered on streamlined specialized teams, we are determined to improve the production rate by more than 65% with each and everyone’s heartfelt commitment.
3. We foster talented human resources with the purpose of understanding key principles to become the best in MC machining technology.
4. We constantly pursue new customers as a starting point to reclaim the market growth.

Representative Director, Supervisory Leader
Masanobu Kobayashi

Our company possesses factories in Saitama and Nagasaki prefectures. we are dedicated to provide the product within the deadline by operating a total of 70 machining centers 24 hours a day, 359 days a year. We are very well capable in 5-axis machining processing used to produce complex shaped equipment related to aerospace, nuclear power and liquid crystalline semiconductors. We also specialize in hard-to-cut materials (Inconel, Titanium) used for airplane fuselages and engines. We aim to produce top quality products with zero human error non-conformance and our employees make a united effort to improve this awareness. Our company is dedicated to overcome the hardships in the business by providing better products in less time with a affordable price tag.



Our technology explores not only the world, but also the space.
Our products are also used in life supporting medical equipment, energy production apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing machinery.
Our highest priority is to provide the customer with quality products.






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