Urano is committed to making our communities, our society, and our planet better. Urano is not satisfied just to remain the best parts machining business in Japan. We believe it is important to leave the world a better place than we found it, and are dedicated to doing our part to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and we have taken many steps to realize these goals.

Our four focus areas


ISO 14001 – Our commitment

We have acquired an ISO 14001 certificate in recognition of our commitment to reducing plastic waste, our recycling of the metal chip produced as a byproduct of our work, and conducting environmentally-friendly operations.

Using solar energy to make our business greener

We installed photovoltaic solar panels — which emit no CO2 or any other greenhouse gases — on top of our factories to generate our own power onsite using a renewable energy source. With both solar panels and electric vehicle stands installed on our Gunma site, our business draws less conventional energy from the grid, reducing our carbon footprint and the impact our organization has on the environment.



Ensuring a safe and healthy environment

To promote the good health and well-being of our employees, we have installed a gymnasium and recreation room with attached shower-rooms.

‘Safety first’ is our mantra. As such, we have enacted a wide range of occupational safety initiatives as well as installing back-up systems to protect against natural disasters.

Training & Development

We set clear goals and follow-up activities to improve our leaders’ and employees’ knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Ensuring engagement of employees health activities

Financial subsidies for any employee club activities, such as cycling, football, and badminton at each of our factories.

We believe in transparency. That’s why we share information such as our in-house sales and our productivity and profitability available to our employees every month. To make sure our employees can contribute as best as they can, we also give compliance and export control education.

Sharing knowledge and our engagement with communities

We accept both Japanese and international interns, to experience what work at one of our factories is like. We also have outreach programs for children from kindergarten age up to high school seniors to take tours of our factories.

We know that we are nothing without our local community, which is why we sponsor local projects, such as fireworks displays and marathons. We also work with local builders and artisans in the maintenance of our factories. By working with local businesses, we believe that we can help to revitalize local industries.


Equality is at the heart of all we do. We are committed to equality, irrespective of one’s gender, race, ethnic or social origin, nationality, religious belief, political options, age, disability, family situation or sexual orientation. We actively support women’s promotion and inclusion in the workplace. Diversity is also of crucial importance to our company, and we employ people from countries across Asia and Europe. We also offer opportunities for seniors eager to contribute to our business and the local community. We comply with all relevant laws and ethics rules.

‘Independence in coexistence’– Our founder’s belief

3. Improvement (kaizen) and R&D

We are committed to carrying out kaizen activities. Our industrial engineering team takes the lead in the continual improvement of Urano, and promotes not only efficient working, but also the creation of a comfortable working environment.

Our R&D group also plays an important role in promoting new technology development, higher working efficiency, and developing plans and ideas to ensure Urano’s continuous improvement in technology, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and working hours.

Our continuous efforts to improve result in our customers receiving better machined products.



We focus on our customers’ expectations by employing On Time Delivery methods in every single order. We keep our customers satisfied by keeping our promises on quality and delivery dates in conjunction with our partner companies in the region.

Each Urano factory’s supply chain is strengthened by our cooperation with local companies. We aim to create a sustainable society by reducing transport-related energy consumption and working hand-in-hand with local businesses to contribute to regional development.

5 Aero Stars is a joint-project between four Kanto-based companies, Urano, Yoshimasu Seisakusho, Tamayakin, and Tosei Electrobeam. This joint effort between our four companies — all of which have a brilliant track record in the aircraft engine manufacturing field — was recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a Japan-brand development project in May 2020. The four companies are working together to expand domestic and overseas sales channels.

The goal of the 5 Aero Stars participants is to become ‘5-star’ global companies, making the most of the strengths of each company, excelling through collaboration, and meeting the needs of our customers. The superior technology of 5 Aero Stars participants is our contribution to the world.

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