Urano employs all of its enthusiasm, knowledge, and inquiring minds in the machining of various materials, including heat-resistant alloys made from titanium and Ni-alloy.

With over 120 machining centers and other automated processing machines, we provide our customers with high-quality products on time by utilizing over 30 computer-aided design workstations and computer-aided manufacturing systems, simulation programs and our highly professional personnel.

Examples of the jet engine components we process include the casings, bearings, shrouds, and vanes. For vane manufacturing, which requires a large production volume per month, we have created an industry-leading automated production process through the use of robotics and automated three-dimensional measurement lines. We create these parts using raw materials procured from overseas. We have worked with associated parties to make manufacturing techniques that process particular products for a variety of parts — made to the same high standards as our in-house parts — assemble them in our facilities, and deliver them as finished products.

Our technology, quality, and delivery performance have all been evaluated as excellent by aircraft manufacturers in Japan.

For the Boeing 787, we work hard to provide a stable operation to machine titanium parts — including those in excess of 3 meters, the largest aerospace Ti-parts made in Japan — as well as complex parts machining. As a result, we machine over 1000 tons of titanium raw material annually, believed to be the largest amount in Japan. Instead of being wasted, chip created as a byproduct are recycled. Our technology, quality, and delivery performance have all been evaluated as excellent by aircraft manufacturers in Japan.

Our diverse range of services include:


To meet the needs of the international aviation industry, we continually strive to create comprehensive manufacturing processes that include metal machining, material procurement, surface treatment, coating, and subassembly. By continually evolving in this way, we can consistently provide our customers with the high-quality products that they need over the long term.


We machine aluminum alloys, at world-class cutting speeds, to maximize semiconductor equipment and parts production efficiency.

In addition to our flexible manufacturing system, employing multiple pallets enables automatic operation to continue through the night, without requiring manned supervision. In the near future, we are planning to introduce an automated guided vehicle-based robotization system to improve in-plant logistics.

We aim to continuously research and develop new processing methods, new materials, and adopt innovative new technologies at the cutting edge of our industry in order to make the best contribution we can to society and our customers.