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Our strengths lie in our products. The technical origin of Urano is to profit by using engineering technology.At Urano, every employee participates in management to generate profits for all employees to share in. This means they devise creative ideas to add values to their own works, and then put these ideas into practice by their own actions and conduct. In order to manufacture superior products that require higher technology, every employee needs to eliminate inefficient operation processes and collaborate, as well as compete, with each other to ensure their skills continue to evolve. Such efforts will enhance the competitiveness of our technology that eventually further increase the efficiency of our business. This cycle is unending. Individuals who display their high skills and take pride in their craftsmanship as well as excellent teamwork, all of which represent “independent co-existence”- the business philosophy of Urano.

What comes next?


The key question is: to what extent can employees carry their passions, wisdom, and curiosity into cutting work for improving machining skills to deal with different types of materials from resin to titanium and Inconel which are hard to machine. Our skills are demonstrated mainly in machining of titanium aircraft parts for the Boeing 787 for which we won the Japan’s largest order. These parts are even available in diverse sizes, including the palm-size, the 2 meter long forged part machining by 5-axis machining centers, and the 3.3 meters part machining by 3-axis version. Furthermore, we bringing our technologies together in developing prototype engine parts for new aircrafts that will be developed in the future.

To meet the needs for our customers

  • Machining
  • Material
  • Surface
  • coating
  • Subassembly

To meet the drastic changes and diverse needs of the international aviation industry we are making continuous efforts to create a comprehensive manufacturing process that includes metal machining, material procurement, surface treatment, coating, and sub assembly, so that we can consistently provide our customers with high quality products that satisfy them.

Titanium processed parts for aircraft

We perform various types of processing of Titanium parts for all nationwide aircraft builders, from 5-axis processing of Japan’s largest 2.5 meter long forged articles to 3.3 meter long 3-axis processed articles.
Our factory in Nagasaki specializes in machining Titanium parts for aircraft. As a hard-to-cut material, Titanium is a tough material which requires various pieces of management for stable processing. We make sure to design our products through a system of rigorous management which would eventually satisfy our customers.

Towards a stable process of manufacturing

1. Management of cutting tools : All tools have a set life-span and undergo
maintenance within a decided time period.

2. Purchasing of tools : We implement a stable supply of tools to our
factories to avoid any out of stock concerns
through in-plant reserved stock system with the suppliers.

3. Program : We keep a watchful eye on a daily basis, before and after

4. Inspection : Accurate measuring is provided with a total of 8
three-dimensional measuring equipment.

Simultaneous 5-axis horizontal machining centers

This is a horizontal-main-shaft machining center which includes X, Y and Z straight axes with A and B rotation axes. As a ‘Tilting Type’ machine, it is well known for high precision processing of flexible highly rigid material. Not only 5-surface processing, but parts such as horizontal stabilizers, inducers and turbine blades and moulds which have complex curved surfaces can also be processed.

Our tool changing apparatus is well suited for large-sized machining centers which can store up to 160 tools for rational processing of numerous complex products.
Furthermore, 6 pallet tables are in place to, not only setting or removing a part on/from a table during processing but also reducing time for arranging repetitive products which is considerably an efficient method.
We are also expecting to expand the use of simultaneous 5-axis processing, which would help to simplify so called difficult free curved surface and free angle processing.

Titanium forged products processing
Processing scenery with 5-axis machining center (double suction type impeller φ800 Titanium material)



Our technology explores not only the world, but also the space.
Our products are also used in life supporting medical equipment, energy production apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing machinery.
Our highest priority is to provide the customer with quality products.






Invitation to TMAN at Paris Air Show 2019




Invitation to TMAN at Paris Air Show


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