Urano Corporation, Ltd. (refers to as ‘company’ hereon) gives highest priority to the customer’s trust and is dedicated to handle personal information confidentially and precisely. To put this into practice, we have established a privacy policy and have ensured that all employees of the company and related subsidiaries are familiar with the policy statements on handling personal information. The contents are as following. Regarding customers who are already in contact with the company, their personal information are handled according to this policy.


Regarding personal information handling

(1) Acquisition of personal information The company acquires personal information impartially and legitimately. In case the customer is requested to provide his/her personal information, only the required information would be acquired to attain a certain procedure after clearly disclosing the contents of use and objective beforehand.

(2) Usage and joint usage of personal information Acquired personal information will only be used within the limits of provider’s approval or within the limits of the objective. Regarding the use purpose of personal information, the company would use personal information within the reasonable business purposes which are mentioned in the following「Scope of use purpose」to obtain a specific objective.
●  Scope of use purpose
・to contact for a business matter
・to provide information regarding company products and services
・to receive customer’s inquiries and to cope with the specific inquiry
・for other objectives after acquiring prior approval from the customer.

● Use of personal information except above mentioned purposes
In case a necessity occurs outside of the above-mentioned purposes to use personal information, the prior approval of the customer will be acquired unless permitted by law.

(3) Provision of personal information to third party The company, by any means will not provide personal information to any third party without prior approval by the customer. This is not applicable if the company must obey to provide personal information according to any law or other criteria regarding personal information under the order of law in special circumstances.

(4) Procedures on disclosure・amendment of personal information
If the customer needs to inquire, revise or remove his/her personal information provided to the company, please make an inquiry through our support team. Except cases which seriously impede the company’s operation or service, the company would implement the requested inquiry within a reasonable time period, only after confirming the customer’s identity on the personal information.

(5) Charges required for personal information disclosure The disclosure claimer (person considered as the information holder) would be requested to afford the disclosure service charges in such case upon prior explanation by the company.

Regarding order of law and compliance related with personal information protection

The company is committed to abide by the order of law and compliance on personal information regarding the possessed personal information by the company. This policy will be judged according to Japanese law and other related compliances. This policy resembles the company’s basic policy on personal information handling and the company is committed to protect the personal information according to this policy based on laws and compliances on personal information protection.

Measures on safety management of personal information

The company is determined to take necessary safety measures to establish a management system to sustain the accuracy and safety of personal information to prevent unauthorized access, loss of personal information, disruption, falsification or leakage. The company is dedicated to implement safety management by restricting the division related to personal information handling for outsiders, properly educating all related employees and management on personal information protection and entitling a specific supervisor for further safety.

Regarding continuous improvement

The company is committed to implement continuous improvements on the Act of personal information protection according to the alterations of law, handling methods or of handling environment.


For any inquiries regarding personal information handling, please contact the following support desk.

Personal information handling desk

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