Strong mind and Human nature

Our personnel training begins by nurturing strong mind and the human nature. A group of people from different backgrounds would team up and work together to achieve the same goal. It is important that each and every member share their will to achieve the company’s goal by sharing the same sense of values while respecting individuality.

Thorough adherence to the 2S(Seiri,Seiton) methodology.

For an example, in Urano we understand the importance of work and operation according to the 2S (seiri and seiton which means Sorting and Setting-in-order) methodology. We practice to improve the ability to sort out only necessary things, to put things in order, to put shoes in a shoe locker according to the rule, to treat and use things with propriety, and to keep every nook and corner well cleaned.

Even one takes it for granted, it is important that thought and action at each and every operation or activity is naturally implemented according to 2S methodology which would eventually help to see things which were not seen before, notice things that were not noticed before.

Involving earnestly in 2S methodology would eventually helps to achieve the main objective 「work captured in essence」while reducing the risk of human error once it become a self responsibility. We all work as a team committed to 2S methodology.



Our technology explores not only the world, but also the space.
Our products are also used in life supporting medical equipment, energy production apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing machinery.
Our highest priority is to provide the customer with quality products.




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